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GPS’s training core center helps new employees become more accustomed to their work environment rapidly through an inclusive orientation program. The programs address the fundamentals of company's profile such as regulations, policies, rules, organization structure, products & services, engineering, technology, environmental control, safety, and quality maintenance.

The training programs are considered, and conducted in accordance with the employee's tasks and responsibilities with the focus on three main areas which are On the job training, external training and technical training for Saudi and non Saudi nationalities.

Workers Health, Safety and Environment Orientation


Workers Chemical Spill Responder Training


Workers Basic Fire Fighting Training


Workers Safety training


Special Training for New Saudi Worker


IMS course training


Workers Training in EEW Malaysia mill (Batch 1)


Workers Training in EEW Malaysia mill (Batch 2)


Current Vacancies : 

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We encourage Saudi national with suitable education background or work experience to join Global Pipe Co in the field of technology, engineering and quality system. 
To join us please send your CV to: HR@globalpipe.com.sa Info@globalpipe.com.sa

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